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The oral cavity and jaws don’t exist separately from the rest of the body. Our approach to examination and treatment reflect that fact. Many systemic diseases present with changes in the area of the mouth and lower face that can be observed upon careful examination. Furthermore, untreated dental disease such as periodontitis or oral infections can result in difficulties of glucose regulation in diabetics and can correlate with changes in arteries that present as atherosclerosis.

Of course, dental disease of various types is a major focus. Not only teeth but all soft tissues and bone are evaluated for any change that requires treatment or areas that we can suggest disease prevention.

We have invested in the most up to date technology both to aid in diagnosis and limit exposure to sources of radiation. We employ only digital radiography which not only is highly accurate but significantly lowers radiation to a fraction of traditional dental x-rays through sophisticated software. Furthermore, we have the capacity in the office to perform 3D CT scans which aid in the identification of certain pathologies and help greatly in the placement of dental implants. Cone beam CT scans have also been said to reduce radiation exposure as much as 90% over traditional medical CT in some cases.

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